Lectures and Workshops

Photo Transfer on to Fabric

Explore the various methods to transfer an image on to fabric. Topics will include scanning, resolution, digital image enhancement, printer inks, and transfer products.  Each student receives a seven page color handout.  Bring an 8" x 10" or 2, 4" x 6" photos and leave with an 8-1/2" x 11" transfer to premium cotton.

2 hour class for up to 8 students. Class may be more than 8, but some students will be waiting while everyone's transfer is done.

Quilts from the Attic

While cleaning out an attic in the house we inherited from my husband's family, Mark found a wooden box with seven antique quilts in it!  Mark will talk about the family history and geneology, including the possible quilt makers.  Mary will discuss each quilt's pattern, fabric and approximate date made.  If you are interested in local history or quilt history, you will enjoy the team talk we present.

1 hour lecture and trunk show


HoopSisters Lecture/Demonstration

“HoopSisters…the Tradition of Quilting with a 21st Century Twist!” has brought quilters and embroidery machine owners together with the EmbroidaBlock™ technique. The embroidery machine does all the work by combining piecing, quilting, beautiful decorative stitches and gorgeous all-over embroidery all in the hoop!

2 hour class includes trunk show and demonstration of a sew and flip pieced quilt block, 3 hour class adds an applique style quilt block and various block assembly methods.

HoopSisters Workshops

"My Embroidery Machine Can Do That?!"  Yes!  With HoopSisters you can make quilt blocks that are pieced, quilted and embroidered all in the hoop of your embroidery machine.  Blocks are assembled using various techniques, with or without sashing, to make stunning quilts.  See all their designs at www.hoopsisters.com.

Dresden Plate

This classic block can be assembled several ways. The program includes appliqued full, half and quarter blocks, as well as the half feather block. Blocks may be assembled with or without sashing. In my sample shown, the middle blocks are appliqued, quilted, and embroidered in the hoop.  The side half blocks are simply embroidered feather stitch. This block works well in traditional 30s reproduction fabrics, and bright batiks or modern prints. 

6 hour class, may be split over 2 days. Beginner level. HoopSisters Dresden Plate software purchase required.

Goose Tracks

This fabulous quilt was originally released as the 2011 EmbroidaBlock™ of the Month and available only at dealers.  It will be released to everyone January 2013.  The 36 blocks of this design are done in groups of like technique. 

Class available as a 10 month block of the month or a 4 month "Fast Track".  Please contact me for more details.  HoopSisters Goose Tracks software purchase required of shop.

Storm By Sea

This is a quilt pattern with lots of design possibilities.  Pattern uses the basic block shapes of large and small squares and a rectangle.  When rows are put together you get a wavy effect, seeing diamonds and stars.  You can keep it simple with two colors, or get a completely different look with multiple colors. 

6 hour class, may be split over 2 days. HoopSisters Storm By Sea software purchase required.