My Quilting Resumé

I've been an active quilter for ten years, and previously, 35 years experience with clothing construction.  I made my first quilted pillow in high school, but didn’t become an avid quilter until taking a flannel lap quilt class in January 2001.  My first contest entry was in the Cocheco Quilters' Guild show October 2003, where I received a second place ribbon in the category Mystery Quilt.  Both my mother and grandmother were quilters.   


About Me

I was born and grew up in Connecticut, moving to New Hampshire for college, then to Illinois for a while.  I moved back to Connecticut in my late twenties and was in the New Haven area for 12 years.  My husband and I married in 2000, and after a couple years living in my home town, we moved to his home town of Portsmouth, NH.  

I was a database programmer for many years, and was looking around at what to do.  A friend asked me to help her write a business plan for a quilt shop, and by the time we finished I was half owner.  So for seven wonderful years I've owned Little Lamb Quilt Shop.  We were located in Barrington, NH, till we closed the store June 30th, 2011.